Fall’s fashion gems

As the seasons begin to change, leaves turn from crisp green to golden orange and the air takes on its familiar chill. In much the same way, the world of couture sheds its gauzy strapless

As the seasons begin to change, leaves turn from crisp green to golden orange and the air takes on its familiar chill. In much the same way, the world of couture sheds its gauzy strapless tops for a cozier, more demure look. Spring may be the archetypal time for all things new, but there is no better time for testing out a new look than in the fall.

This autumn, it’s all about piecing rich, almost masculine fabrics with ladylike accessories for a dressed up, yet unexpected look. Think tweed, velvet and the classic corduroy, juxtaposed with floppy flower pins, colorful broaches, animal prints and fur (you can make it fake).

But don’t let the variety of patterns and fabrics give way to a mismatched look. Fall’s look is all about combining styles to create a look that’s not too extreme.

“People are just heavily matching,” said Cory Kete, 19, a general salesclerk at Guacamole on South Street. She said many of the store’s customers buy a pair of shoes to coordinate with a belt that goes with a tee.

The same follows with the hot colors for this autumn.

With the sky trading in its blues for greys, now is the ultimate time to punch up your wardrobe with rich jewel tones and metallic touches that add a sophisticated flair to any outfit. A walk down Philadelphia’s Walnut Street is a testament to color and pattern, with the windows of shops like Bebe and BCBG displaying rich jades, tweeds and all shades of brown. Think purple, pink and anything green, from vivid jade to celadon to olive.

Allyson Leake, 22, an independent designer and senior at Temple University, and also the editor in chief of Temple’s SHE magazine, agrees.

“Green is delicious,” said Leake, adding the color is an essential in her fall wardrobe. She also said the key piece for fall is a great coat.

Fall is also loaded with fitted denim jackets, tweed blazers and edgy motorcycle coats. To refresh your fall outerwear, add an accessory.

Try a deep purple broach pin on a solid cardigan, or check Ice on South Street for a simple tweed flower pin that can dress up a denim jacket. Stop by vintage shops like Retrospect and snag a man’s necktie that can be used as a belt. Silky camisoles also look great peeking out from tweed blazers.

Fall’s mixing and matching works well for guys, too: try throwing a vintage tee under a dressier, button-down shirt. Or for a different look, opt for the reverse and wear a patterned tee over a solid shirt. Add accents like mesh-back trucker hats in dark colors.

According to Alicia Fraser of Solis Company, an online hub for designer apparel and accessories, this fall is all about layering. However, guys should opt for more low-key colors than their female counterparts.

“Colors such as blues, gray, black and white are the top choices for fall (for men),” Fraser said. “If you’re daring, try mixing in some other colors such as yellow or orange.”

For the bottoms, jeans are still the No. 1 choice. But leave the baggy look in the past; pants should strike a happy medium and be relaxed. Naturally worn details, such as frayed edges and pockets, are also a bonus.

However, if you’re in doubt, opt for a classic look. Though trends evolve with the changing seasons, classic pieces like a great white shirt or a pair of well-cut jeans stick around forever. Mix up trendy accents with timeless pieces to bring this fall’s greatest looks to your wardrobe. As the ever-haute Coco Chanel said: “Fashion changes; style remains.”

Sara Getz can be reached at Sgetz418@temple.edu.

Ryan Rakickas
18, freshman

Rackickas layered a striped blazer over a vintage tee and paired it with a grey newsboy cap. He says he doesn’t follow trends, but wears what he likes.

Gabrielle DeGois
17, freshman

Wearing a fitted denim jacket to keep warm on a cooler day, DeGois says she bases her outfits on what she thinks looks good together.

Kunle Ogedengbe
22, senior

“I shop all over,” Ogedengbe said of his style. His outfit, with a layered tee and camouflage hat, fits in with this fall’s trends.

Fashion photos by Colin Lenton.

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