FARMiCiA fills prescription for a chemical-free taste

There was a time not too long ago when I imagined organic food restaurants to be like the puppy “bar” of treats at PETCO.

When I moved in with an organic-eating vegan, however, she introduced me to the world of fake sausage, chocolate milk made from rice and the most expensive grocery stores I have ever stepped foot into.

While the food was surprisingly tasty, the cost per month to fill the fridge rivaled my rent. Organic food and I were not destined to be together, I had decided.

Since then, I’ve changed my mind and added some fresh organic goodness to my life. I give you my newest favorite for organic eating, FARMiCiA Restaurant. Through half-squinted eyes I sized up 15 S. 3rd St. and was immediately confused by the sign.

It said Metro Cafe, not the FARMiCiA sign I expected. After entering the Metropolitan
Bakery, (a fantastic bakery chain famous for its bread selection), I learned that it had a partnership with FARMiCiA. The Metro Cafe makes its breads and baked goods fresh for the restaurant.I knew that all-organic eating could be a wallet-buster, so I was a bit wary as I sat down.

While dinner is definitely higher-priced than I would like to spend, their brunch and lunch menus are appropriately priced.

I’ve tasted the brioche from Metropolitan Bakery at another location, so FARMiCiA’s brioche French toast with strawberry sauce was an immediate choice.

I’ve missed eating spinach since the E-coli scare, so I also ordered the spinach salad with smoked cheddar and Dijon dressing. Sooner than I expected, the food was in front of me and I was ready to inhale it.

The strawberry sauce was so fresh-tasting and tangy, it put all canned versions to shame. The eggy French toast that accompanied it was thick and smothered in butter, just as I had requested. If you haven’t had smoked cheddar in a salad, you have no idea how much it adds to the depth of flavor. Salad is boring without it.

I munched on the spinach and resisted the desire to eat all the bacon and croutons first.

little later in the day and you’re looking for a soothing, old-time tonic, FARMiCiA has some pretty interesting concoctions to try. With or without alcohol, these drinks are supposed to invigorate the body and give you that extra boost, maybe to even make it through a horrible upcoming
week (I probably should get one now).

I left FARMiCiA having spent less than $20 for food. Organic food might be controversial in its benefits, but there’s no question FARMiCiA has its flavors just the way I like them.

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