Fashion rewind

Hairspray bands languished in the ’80s, but their frilly fashion trends traveled through a time warp to your closets today. From skinny jeans to cinched waists, these styles are making a comeback on campus, circa now.

Skinny jeans

Oh yes, the skinny on jeans this fall is just that – thin and hot as ever. Whether they’re tucked into boots, worn with a pair of ballerina flats or high-heeled pumps, this look is a must for back-to-school.

“I love the skinny-jeans look because they flatter a girl’s body,” Danielle Reilly, a senior accounting major, said. “They’re skinny in the legs and not baggy, which is good for me because I’m a petite girl with hips. Usually I find pants that fit me in the waist, but too baggy in the legs. Skinny jeans are just right.”

Leggings and tights

Thought those childhood pictures of you wearing leopard-print tights were long gone? Think again. Leggings and tights are back to fend off the cold fronts and the chances of fashion meltdowns. Keeping your legs warm is the new hot. Wear them with a skirt, long shirt or sweater or a dress.

Belts (the BIGGER the better)

Wide belts are in. Choose bold colors and fun prints to complete any outfit. Belts are best worn at the waist or right under the breastbone. This is a great way to show off your feminine curves.

“I’m the biggest advocate for the belts at the breastbone, which I’ve been doing for years,” said Maggie Karlin, a senior education major. “You can do it with a skinny belt or a wide one. It makes any woman look thinner since it accentuates the smaller area of their torso. It steps up any piece of clothing into an outfit and makes you look so much more pulled together.”


Less isn’t always more thanks to the new layered styles. This trend is easy to achieve by layering multiple tees and tanks together, wearing leggings under skirts and dresses or simply sporting a cute top under a dress or vest.

Boots and booties

Tall boots are big again this year and look best with skirts and dresses. However, the bootie, or ankle boot, is making a comeback. Throw on some skinny-leg jeans or drainpipe trousers to strut your stuff in style.

Menswear inspired styles

Boy meets girl this fall in menswear styles. From vests to shrunken blazers, a10touch of lace and ruffles give this trend a girly feel.

“I have this one outfit and it’s one of my favorites, it’s just a black plain blazer with puffy sleeves,” said Norilene Averion, a sophomore nursing major. “I wear a wife beater under, and then add a wide red belt. I love it!”


Bubble skirts and voluminous sleeves will help you pump up the volume this season.

The key to wearing this trend is to pair an oversized piece with a slim one, like coupling a full skirt with a fitted top, or wearing skinny-jeans with an oversized blouse. Aim for small puffs to avoid the Jerry Seinfeld meets Jack Sparrow look.

Bold Color and Prints

This is the season to stand out. Take a risk by togging up in gold, red, purple, leopard-print, plaid, polka dot or any other bold color or pattern. It doesn’t matter which vibrant piece of clothing or accessory you choose. Become audacious this fall by donning these eye-catching hues and prints.

“I am particular about fiery red fashions such as red leather bags, red shoes and red nail polish,” Veronika Pashkin, a sophomore political science and international relations double major said. “I think that red is versatile and exotic. A fiery red bag against an all- black outfit can look very bold, confident and sophisticated.”

If sitting in the front row of that lecture didn’t capture your teacher’s attention, these eight surefire trends ought to do the trick.

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