Field hockey loses 1-0

The Owls couldn’t capitalize on their chances against Old Dominion.

A loss like this one is a tough pill to swallow, but there are some takeaways from it for the No. 17 Owls.

In a Sunday afternoon match-up that would wrap up a weekend of Big East Conference play, one that was kicked off with a 3-1 win against Providence, Temple lost 1-0 to No. 20 Old Dominion.

The only goal of the game was scored by the Monarch’s junior forward Rosario Villagra about halfway through the first half.

Temple had its offensive chances throughout the game, but had a tough time capitalizing. But they kept fighting for chances up until the clock hit zero.

“It sucks to lose, but I think this is going to be a huge motivating factor going into next week,” midfielder and co-captain Mandi Shearer said.

“It’s fuel to the fire for us,” assistant coach Kelly Driscoll added. “We had a lot of opportunities and we fought .This game is going to make us better in the postseason down the road. It’s going to really help us move forward and for us it can be a very good motivating factor that you know we have a couple more games where we can work on some things before heading into the [Big East Tournament].”

Sunday’s game was the Owls’ fourth loss of 2013 and just their second loss at home. They had a home winning streak going heading into the game, but that streak has ended at seven games.

Temple is now also 3-2 in conference play this season.

As for the Monarchs, they have now won six-straight and put up their fourth consecutive shutout the season.

Temple will have the upcoming week to regroup before they take on Appalachian State on Friday afternoon at Geasey Field.

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