First-ever TSG week discussed at latest meeting

“State of Security” on Main Campus also delivered at Monday’s meeting.

Temple Student Government discussed the first-annual TSG week and invited Deputy Director of Campus Safety Services Charles Leone to speak to the General Assembly at its meeting on Monday, Sept. 17.
Leone delivered a presentation titled “State of Security” that highlighted additions to campus security, 2012 statistics, and general safety information.
In an effort to evolve with student needs, CSS increased their internal police force, installed new cameras in areas with high student migration, increased the Philadelphia Police patrol and continued a push with safety programming at the beginning of the fall semester.
One of the statistics that Leone highlighted was the amount of reported crime in the “public area.” As of August 2012, compared to 2011, the public crime incidents had increased, which Leone attributes to theft.
“From a crime standpoint, just be mindful of your property and electronics. If you’re going to walk, try not to talk. That is the biggest issues of crime around campus,” Leone said.
Vice president of External Affairs Ofo Ezeugwu handles campus security and crime for TSG.
“They’ve taken measures to ensure that we are safe. I think that it is all positive and a step in the right direction. Like he said, if there is ever a section where people feel there needs to be more light, then Temple will do their best to make sure there is going to be light there,” Ezeugwu said.
However, both Ezeugwu and Vice President of Services Julian Hamer realize that students play a role in their own safety.
“Students should always be smart about where they are living and how they are acting around campus because it is a campus area and there are a lot of people, so things can happen. I think our campus safety team has done an excellent job so far,” Hamer said.
In addition to Leone’s presentation, the TSG officers also promoted the first TSG week, which started on Monday.
“We are really excited about it. We really wanted to increase our visibility, which is one of the reasons why we are doing our first-ever TSG week,” Hamer said.
TSG week events include an open house on Wednesday, a “Fight for the Cherry and White” themed Free Food Fun Friday, and the “Get Dirty” garden clean up on Saturday morning.
“Having opportunities to just meet with more and more students is a way to get info out and get students to want to be more involved in what is going on in their campus,” Hamer said.
More information about TSG week can be found on the TSG website and Facebook page.
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