Former TAUP President to retire this month

Art Hochner has worked at the university for 40 years.

Art Hochner, the former president of Temple’s Association of University Professionals, will retire from the university this month, the Inquirer reported.

Hochner, who has taught at the university for 40 years, was influential in arranging the university’s first contract settlement with its 1,400 adjunct instructors in September. The contract created a two-year plan that increased base wages for adjunct instructors through 2019.

Hochner has worked at the university since 1978, when he was hired as a human resources management professor. He became union president in 1987 because of his experience in community organizing. Steve Newman became president of the union this year.

“At Temple University, we pride ourselves on having not only world-class researchers, but also excellent teachers,” President Richard Englert said in a statement to The Temple News. “Art’s students have told me he’s a top-notch teacher.”

Hochner led TAUP during a 29-day strike in 1990, when 3,500 students withdrew from the university. He was also president during several other contract disagreements between the union and university.

“We hate to lose his classroom expertise,” Englert added.

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