Fox opens master’s program in Conshohocken

The part-time pilot program will begin next fall in Conshohocken.

Fox is one of the fastest-growing schools at Temple. | KATIE HULLIHEN / THE TEMPLE NEWS

The Fox School of Business will open a new location in Conshohocken for its part-time master’s program in Fall 2018.

The program was created to make earning a master’s degree more accessible for students living in suburban areas outside Philadelphia, as well as to pilot a curriculum combining face-to-face and online learning.

About 40 MBA students will be enrolled in the program, which will be partially taught at The Workshop Mercantile, a professional education company in the Philadelphia suburb.

The program targets mature students living outside the city, said Darin Kapanjie, the director of the program and a statistical science professor.

“We see a demand, and we’re trying to serve it,” Kapanjie said.

Students in the part-time program will complete their first year of coursework in person in Conshohocken. Then, students will complete their electives and concentration-specific classes on Fox’s online MBA platform, to later return to Conshohocken for an in-person capstone, according to a university release.

The Fox School of Business Dean Moshe Porat said the relocation of the MBA program to Center City in 2014 left a gap for programs in the western Philadelphia suburbs.

“We can now provide access to our program for professionals who are working at companies and in corporate headquarters that are located in this vicinity,” Porat said.

Matt McAuliffe, a full-time MBA student, said he sees this new program as valuable.

“A lot of part-time people end up being late to class because they’re stuck in traffic in Center City,” he said. “This would definitely be more convenient for them.”

The admissions criteria and faculty are the same as the Fox MBA program at Main and Center City campuses.

Fox’s part-time MBA program is ranked No. 1 locally and No. 7 nationally for the best part-time online MBA programs by U.S. News & World Report.

“The new program will be everything the Fox MBA program is, just in a different location,” Kapanjie said.

Admissions opened on Oct. 30, and Kapanjie said it’s still too early to gauge popularity of the program.

“We feel pretty good about enrollment,” Kapanjie said. “There were a lot of inquiries prior to applications opening.”

The cost to open the new space will not be released per Fox’s policy, university spokesperson Chris Vito said.

Fox has no plans to open more satellite campuses in the near future, Kapanjie said.

“We’re focused on getting this hybrid online and face-to-face thing right first,” he added.

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