Fox’s MBAs undergo change

The Board of Trustees approved numerous changes to the MBA programs.

Last month, the Board of Trustees approved a proposal to renovate Fox School of Business’ Masters of Business Administration Program that will impact students in future semesters.

Fox will be terminating some of its current MBA programs, consolidating them into a single degree program along with establishing a concentration in financial management. The newly structured program will offer students the freedom to pursue their goals while engaging in a wide variety of disciplines, MBA Regeneration Committee member Ronald Anderson said.

[blockquote who=”Ronald Anderson” what=”mba regeneration committee member”] I think this would differentiate Fox from business schools in the area and nationwide.[/blockquote]

It will require 48 to 54 credit hours for completion and will be offered as both a part- and full-time program.

The programs being terminated include an MBA in international business administration, MBA and Masters of Science in international business and an MBA and Masters of Science in information technology management.

Fox will also be terminating six of its under-enrolled MBA concentrations, which include accounting, financial management-investment management, financial management-corporate financial management, international business management, pharmaceutical management and risk management.

“I’ve enjoyed the current program so far and I’ve definitely learned a lot academically and as a person, but I think some of the upcoming program changes are a good idea,” first-year MBA student Caitlin Barry said.

“The greatest challenge we face is providing international immersive experiences that are career enhancing,” Moshe Porat, dean of Fox, said. “This requires that we choose our partners carefully in countries targeted for global immersion experiences.”

Students enrolled in the new MBA program will be required to complete courses that include electives, experimental learning and global immersion courses, professional development courses and business core courses.

“This is going to be a very unique and innovative program, I think this would differentiate Fox from business schools in the area and nationwide,” Anderson said.

Anderson, who is also a finance professor and finance chair member, said Fox faculty members will be required to take new courses in preparation for the new curriculum, which may include new teaching methods.

“Delivery mode will change, faculty will have to teach in shorter time periods and perhaps deliver more in online format,” Anderson said.

The preparation and planning process for the program has been going on for approximately 18 months. The concentrations being offered along with the current program will be terminated after Spring 2013 and students currently enrolled in these programs have until May 2017 to complete their degree requirements.

U.S. News & World Report ranked Fox’s full-time MBA program No. 58 in the nation, second in Philadelphia only to the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

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