Fund on-campus daycare

The university should help student-parents by offering on-campus day care.

This week in Intersection, student-parents discussed the hardships they face while taking care of their children, going to work and attending Temple University. 

We applaud student-parents who find a way to do handle these responsibilities at a school that lacks an on-campus day care facility. Many other schools in the region, like Penn State, Rutgers University, the Community College of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania, provide day care facilities for the children of students. We think Temple should fund one, too.

Student-parents wouldn’t risk being late to classes if they could drop their children off on-campus or nearby, and they wouldn’t need to find babysitters or caregivers on short notice. Also, students in the College of Education could receive internship hours at a facility like this, which would give them valuable, hands-on experience. 

Student-parents should not have to struggle to continue learning and support their children, and Temple should find ways to ease these burdens. 

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