Funding Shortage

A hiring freeze at Temple has been enacted. Students shouldn’t foot the bill.

Everyone is getting squeezed for money these days, and Temple is no different.

The current economic crisis has forced the state to decrease the amount of funding to the university.
The decline in state appropriations has brought on a hiring freeze and a freeze on all out-of-state travel.
As The Temple News reports this week, the state has rescinded a 2 percent inflationary supplement that was given to all schools for non-compensation costs.

As a public university, Temple is somewhat shielded from the market volatility that a private university might be exposed to. This shield is a help but also a hindrance. Relying on the state for partial funding leaves some of the budget up to the will of Harrisburg.

Temple is also being petitioned for money from the unions TAUP and AFSCME. TAUP’s contract expired recently, and AFSCME members have been working without a contract since 2007. Temple’s negotiating team and TAUP disagreed over salary increases.

It is understandable that during these hard times, Temple needs to tighten the purse strings, but students’ educations and wallets shouldn’t bear the brunt of the hardship.

One of the biggest worries on students’ minds today is how they are going to pay for their college education. Raising the price of tuition may seem like an option for filling in the budget gaps, but it will only hurt students and Temple in the long run.

Temple has always touted itself as an affordable option for prospective college students. The university started as a night school for students looking for a reasonably priced way to better their lives.
If tuition costs were to be raised to make up for money lost by the state, some students could be shut out from higher educations. Students are already struggling enough to pay off their loans or even get loans in the first place.

The country could see a decrease in college students if cost and economic issues escalate exponentially.
Temple needs to find a way to make up lost funding and not severely sacrifice students’ experiences. Our professors and staff members need to be compensated properly for their work. While we do enjoy all of the amenities and extras Temple provides its students, classes and professors come first.

Please balance the budget, compensate TAUP and AFSCME appropriately and do not excessively raise raise tuition.

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