General Assembly passes diversity resolution

The university’s diversity and library system were discussed at last night’s General Assembly meeting.

Unanimously, the Temple Student Government General Assembly voted in favor of a formal resolution, presented by Ari Jones, of Temple NAACP, to create a university wide Celebrate Temple Week to promote diversity and integration of students on campus.

“With Temple being a diverse university, there is this kind of clique-iness going around on campus where…You have certain members of demographics staying with each other…same thing with student organizations,” Jones, a sophomore neuroscience major, said. “So what we wanted to do is kind of bridge the gap between all these different organizations and students on campus.”

Having passed, TSG Student Body President Colin Saltry, Vice President of Services Ugo Obilo, and Vice President of External Affairs Elliot Griffin will bring the resolution to President Ann Weaver Hart.

Saltry said TSG officers will present the formal resolution, which they had discussed with Hart in January, sometime after spring break. Griffin said they should present it before the scheduled TSG-sponsored Celebrate Temple Week from April 4-9.

As what he called the libraries’ first TSG appearance in 10 years, Steven J. Bell, associate university librarian, addressed the General Assembly, outlining initiatives of the university’s libraries to improve student resources and library facilities.

“We’re trying to figure out better ways to distribute information to students and make it easier for you to become academically successful and create ways for you to get information in ways you like to get it,” Bell said.

Bell noted that heavy student traffic in Paley Library during the week is a good sign for directors, as well as a potential problem for library patrons.

“I think it bodes well for the future of libraries at Temple University that we have the type of student body that still sees a library, a physical library as a very valuable asset to the community,” he said.

Bell said he would like to find solutions to controlling noise levels in Paley, but is currently unsure of how to go about implementing such changes.

“I have actually heard from students that they want a space where their cellphone won’t work, where they can’t get connected [to the Internet], so that they will have absolutely no distractions and be able to get their studying done,” Bell said.

Also during the meeting, TSG Elections Commissioner Shanee Satchell told students about upcoming dates for TSG elections.

Candidates for TSG executive officers will be introduced to the General Assembly on March 19, with campaigning to start March 20.

The first debate for executive candidates will be on March 26, with the second debate on April 2. Polls for executive officers will be open April 3 to April 4.

Nominations for General Assembly directors will be announced on April 9, followed by nominees’ speeches and voting on April 16.

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