Get a love “Smak” on the lips with these sweet gifts

Rosella LaFevre got the scoop on some kitschy presents for Valentine’s Day.

Rosella LaFevre got the scoop on some kitschy presents for Valentine’s Day.

Courtesy of Smak Parlour Smak Parlour, located at 219 Market St., has unconventional gifts for friends and lovers. The parlour’s designs will also be featured at the St. Valentine’s Massacre this Sunday.

Shopping retail is a lot like dating. Sometimes you have an awkward, terrible first date. More often than not, though, this bad first date is the end of any chance for a good relationship. That is why, when the first date is as perfect as my first trip to Smak Parlour, a 5-year-old boutique at 219 Market St., you want to tell everyone about it.

The thing about shopping is, it’s always an open relationship; cheating is encouraged. And as Valentine’s Day approaches, I encourage you to consider Smak Parlour your one stop for gifts for a girlfriend or best friend.

Guys, for your girlfriends:

Prove to your sugar she is no cheap substitute with a $45 necklace of pink glass cut into the five-letter word for the thing most people use to sweeten their coffee. I double dare you to litter the gift box with sugar packets from a fast-food chain. You can even take the credit for that cleverness.

Show her she spins you right ‘round with Leah Coonan’s earrings crafted from shards of records. Abby Kessler, the co-owner of Smak Parlour with Katie Loftus, said boys from all over the city are buying these for their lady loves. Earn bonus points with your sweetie by including concert tickets in the card that should accompany the $25 earrings.

If your honey is not the type to fawn over music-themed baubles, she may appreciate the heart-and-rose-shaped rings. These $12 plastic goodies come in different sizes and colors. One is bound to befit your lady luck.

Girls, for your friends:

For the good apple in your bunch recently dropped by a bad tree, you can’t go wrong with a Voodoo Doll. The little human-shaped pillow that comes packaged with pink pins is sure to bring a smile to her face. Among plenty of options, and depending on the ex, she can either wish for him to have bad acne or for him to realize he loves her and wants her back. Of course, I could understand if she went with the second choice just so she could turn him down.

The most sentimental of your friends would love a $20 Sixtrees picture frame filled with a picture of your troupe. Another option would be to write an acrostic poem – the kind where every letter of her name stands for a cheesy adjective. This amount of cheese is quite appropriate for the holiday.

Better than the world on a string would be two pairs of plastic Barbie heels on chains hanging from the ears of your silliest friend. These earrings, created by local designer Ingrid Johnson, are $25 and a whole lot of fun.

Girls, treat yourselves:

If you’ve got special plans with your man this Valentine’s Day, why not ruffle his feathers in a Garcia Fashion strapless dress with frill detail and bubble hem? This delightful frock is worth each of the $60 you would lay down on Smak Parlour’s counter for it. Your guy will want to see you in it again and again.

Wear your heart on your wrist with Betseyville’s adorable clutches on sale at Smak Parlour. These $38 heart-shaped wristlets are big enough to hold all your essentials, just in case you’re spending V-Day with your girls at the movie theater or shopping at the mall.

Like I said, shopping retail is a lot like dating. And now that I introduced you to Smak Parlour, it is your duty to share the love with others. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with whomever you’re shopping for.

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