Going above and beyond

Professors should offer students extra assistance to get help for mental health.

Oftentimes the structure of a class syllabus seems formulaic: a brief explanation of the course, a schedule of assignments and Temple’s policy on academic honesty and disability services.

That’s why it came as a surprise to one of our reporters when Jillian Bauer, a journalism professor, wrote in the syllabus for her Design for Journalism class: “Students struggling with mental health or substance use issues should immediately seek counseling at Tuttleman Counseling Services. If you need someone to take you there, feel free to stop by my office at any time and I would be happy to go with you.”

Her outreach struck us as unusual. How kind of a professor to offer to go out of her way to help students who struggle with their mental health.

If only, we thought, this didn’t come as such a surprise.

It’s admirable that a Temple professor is offering hands-on help for students who struggle with their mental health, but it’s a shame it seems so out of the ordinary.

Temple has existing policies that help students with chronic mental illness to receive the accommodations they need, but many students with mental health or substance use issues may not have even received a diagnosis, let alone pursued proper accommodations from the university.

We admire the professors who go above and beyond to accommodate students who struggle with mental health or substance abuse. We hope other professors follow suit, with the same generosity and understanding for Temple students who might need a little extra support.

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