Guys find safety and style in feminine jeans

Guys have always been trying to get into girls’ pants – just not like this. Searching through the clothes racks at H&M – or just through their sisters’ closets, some men have crossed over to

Guys have always been trying to get into girls’ pants – just not like this.
Searching through the clothes racks at H&M – or just through their sisters’ closets, some men have crossed over to the world of cross-dressing … sort of.

Proving the 80s weren’t just bad music
and perms, tight jeans have arrested men and their fashion senses.
Whether it was the desire to have your bulge accented or your derriere enhanced, tight pants for men, especially jeans, were all the rage during the glam age. From the punk/hardcore scene to the Michael Jackson
era, everyone was walking stiff like Frankenstein. And like Frankenstein, the tight-pant trend has resurrected.

But who are men fashioning themselves

David Lee Roth? Bono? Sonny Bono?
More like Cher.

In a modern twist, males are wearing girls jeans for the better fit. Many college-age men wearing tight jeans declined to be interviewed, but their friends were willing to talk.

“Some of my friends wear girls jeans,” said Doug Poland, a senior film major. “I don’t really ever notice, because it doesn’t look that much different. Just a little tighter.”

“I’ve worn them myself once or twice for a [student] film piece,” he added. “I didn’t mind them.”

Some people are perplexed by the trend. Yahoo’s recent addition to its features lineup, Yahoo Answers, has several topics
of conversation dealing with this subject. The most straightforward question, posed by a user named Katie, simply asked “Why do guys wear girls jeans?”

In typical Internet fashion, her query was met with a combination of helpfulness, sarcasm and everything in-between.

The most informative response was put forth by a user named Justin V.

“Skaters actually wear them [because] they’re functional. If you fall on tight jeans it’ll cause less [of] an injury than loose jeans.”

He added, “There are [also] the guys that are wearing them just because ‘everyone’ else is.”

Some are less accepting of the recent upsurge in gender swapping of jeans.

“I don’t wear them. They are way too tight,” said Rob Rudzinski, a former Temple student.

“I like to be comfortable rather than have my ass accented.”

Many purveyors of men’s clothing are carrying slimmer sizes these days, so they can keep their clientele by offering them what they want: more form-fitting jeans.

But let’s not forget those whose fashion realm is being raided by the opposite gender. What do the women think of the shift in denim perception?

Do the tighter jeans get the ladies revving, or are they indifferent to the more streamlined shapes and pronounced bulges?

“I like it. It looks hot if they are skinny,” said freshman Nicole Schafer, a pre-pharmacy major.

“I think [men] just got tired of wearing baggy jeans and wanted something tight fitting.”

Kyra Taylor, a sophomore English major, said she won’t share her jeans with just any guy either.

“It all depends on the guy. Some guys can pull it off, but generally I’m not a fan,” Taylor said.

Steve Wood contributed to this report.

Mike Gleeson can be reached at


  1. I think that Michael Jackson was HOT and was anything but stiff,I would go as far as to say flexability is probably his middle name.

  2. I am just shy of 5′ 9″ and can’t get the scale over 140 lbs to save my life. My brother is a little shorter and stockier and can fill out a pair of jeans were as I have a little rougher time. I found that “chic jeans” are easier to fill out and for some odd reason for them being tighter then guy’s jeans the are way more comfy. I am skinny enough that I am sure not a whole lot of people really notice or even care then I wouldn’t care if they did. In the end I was just getting sick of the baggie scene and wanted something a little cleaner and sharp looking and I am not the first lol.

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