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Dive into the Halloween issue for some frighteningly entertaining reads.

Dive into the Halloween issue for some frighteningly entertaining reads.

Temple students have enough to be afraid of. In addition to horrifyingly hectic lifestyles, it’s midterm season, and there’s a shortage of swine flu vaccine. But fear not, Temple students – you’re in luck. Escape from your day-to-day struggles with a copy of The Temple News. In our Halloween issue, we cover topics ranging from vampire culture to costume ideas from Temple Athletics.

In case you’re afraid you won’t pick the right costume, The Temple News surveyed students for the most popular choices. We think Michael Jackson and Balloon Boy will be both popular choices this year, but turn to page 8 to see who made the list.

Chelsea Calhoun explores the social implications for females of donning provocative clothing for Halloween on page 6. As Calhoun writes, it’s too late to make returns, but there are still “more than 365 days” to find a costume that “won’t reduce you to a piece of meat” for next year. Ladies, take heed.

If you spend your Halloween on or around Main Campus, a good scare can be found within walking distance. The Pi Lambda Phi house, the Elmira Jeffries dormitory and the Founder’s Garden are three notoriously haunted hot spots on campus. If you’re skeptical, Natsai Todd, Matt Flocco and Nadia Elkaddi did some investigating for The Temple News and profiled each spot. If you don’t believe us, feel free to do some investigating of your own.

Falling on a Saturday, there will be plenty of things to do for Halloween across the city. If you’re still unsure what to do, look no further than Arts & Entertainment. In “The Halloween Event Guide,” on page 10, you’ll find the best events worth checking out.

Temple sports fans luckily have little to fear this weekend. If you are unable to make it to the football game in Annapolis, Md., root for our men’s and women’s soccer, cross-country, fencing and field hockey teams in their upcoming games.

But wherever you end up this Halloween, have fun, and perhaps most importantly, stay safe.

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