Hear all about it: Kingfisher

The local band performed an acoustic set.

Kingfisher, an eight-piece Philadelphia based jazz fusion band, visited The Temple News’ newsroom Sunday to perform an acoustic set. After its performance, the group sat down for a Q&A session.

Though R.J. Mcghee (trombone) and Zach Winger (alto saxophone) could not make it, David Frebowitz (bass guitar), Marc Jaffee (guitar), Ethan Fisher (keyboard), Bogi Trifunovic (drums), Spencer Edgers (tenor saxophone), Andrew Carson (trumpet), played Sunday.

The Temple News: How did you guys get started?

BT: [Jaffee] and I actually went to School of Rock in Huntington Valley and we met each other there. We decided to start a group where we did rock but also threw in elements of funk and jazz and fusion, that kind of stuff. … We decided we probably needed a bassist to get more low-end in. A friend of ours who knew [Frebowitz] asked him if he wanted to play and he said yes.

AC: They actually got the horns into the band for a battle of the bands competition in World Cafe Live, to win a trip to play at South by Southwest, which we won.

DF: We got to see a lot of pretty cool artists, that was a good time, just seeing Austin, Texas with the whole band.

The Temple News: You guys mentioned SXSW, what would be some other highlights of the band?

DF: Last summer we played a festival called Groove in the Grove. That was probably one of the coolest experiences I think we’ve had together as a group because we really meshed all our sounds really well during that performance. We played a two-hour set. Our motto that night was “space is the place,” and we brought the whole crowd to space.

BT: Experience Temple Day we opened up for orientation. That was cool, just a bunch of nervous freshmen relaxing to our smooth sounds.

MJ: We played a concert at Girard Hall, and that was a Bernie Sanders fundraiser show, called Berning Man. That was a really cool performance because it was cool to have so many like-minded individuals in one place.

The Temple News: Would you guys say that your variety of tastes adds to your music?

EF: I think that the band is the way it sounds because everyone’s really coming from a completely different world musically. But then when we come together it makes something new, like five different cereals forming together into one bowl.

Eamon Dreisbach can be reached at eamon.noah.dreisbach@temple.edu.

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