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Most of you are probably aware of South Street – the long strip of boutiques, shops, restaurants and bars that are full of eccentric people and interesting buys. But just because it’s a well-known area

Most of you are probably aware of South Street – the long strip of boutiques, shops, restaurants and bars that are full of eccentric people and interesting buys. But just because it’s a well-known area doesn’t mean it isn’t worth visiting. Be sure to explore the region for yourself because it truly provides something for everyone.

1 One shop that caught my attention is Agent. Granted, about 80 percent of the merchandise is for men, according to the store’s manager, Steve Mackay. But that doesn’t mean the ladies shouldn’t peek in, too. I found a Yo! MTV Raps T-shirt for myself for $22 and a discounted green tee for my boyfriend for $9.99.

Agent is perfect for the urban male who prefers a retro or hip-hop look and appreciates hats that say more than “I’m a Phillies fan.” The store offers a variety of merchandise for relatively low prices.

Partnered with its sister store, Guacamole, Agent has been servicing Philly customers for 10 years now. With its wide range of clothing, hats, watches, belts and footwear, the boutique is great for self-shopping or holiday purchases. As an added bonus, they put gift items in pizza delivery-like boxes.

2 Two blocks away is Greene Street Consignment Shop, which was established in 1989. One of a handful of second-hand shops in the area, Greene Street sets itself apart by carrying higher-end goods. Yes, you will pay higher thrift store prices, but I found some items that were worth the cost.

One favorite was a Cul De Sac evening bag perfect for holiday parties. The burgundy velvet ’80s-style dip bag has two oversized gold hoops that accent the shoulder strap.

It costs only $16. I also perused the clearance racks, which offered quite a few high-quality choices.

Greene Street’s selection is perfect. There are tons of seasonally-appropriate name-brand options. Unlike low-end second-hand shops, you won’t find clothing with holes or stains here.

One thing that always bothers me is dressing rooms with curtains instead of doors. I can never close them just right and it feels like people are peeking in while walking by. This was only a minor disappointment. Overall, I was very satisfied with the store and the wardrobe additions I happily took home.

3 Over at Second and South streets, a warm, inviting Indian restaurant waits. Lovash is a small dining establishment that serves Southern Indian cuisine in a relaxing atmosphere. Dinner prices are quite reasonable: low-end to mid-range. And fortunately, Lovash is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week.

This BYOB, whose motto is “just like home,” staffs pleasant, attentive servers and hosts. The portions are ample and the spices are potent. Even though I left with my mouth and throat on fire, I loved every minute of it.

The Mulligatawny soup for $4.25 made from pureed lentils and mixed with julienned vegetable strips was savory but served at boiling temperatures. Being eager and hungry, I had to cool it with some ice.

My entrée, Mushroom Vindaloo, was mushrooms and potatoes served in a red tomato and onion sauce with a saffron basmati rice pilaf and a steamed vegetable medley on the side.

Thank God for all of that spice: the classical Indian music, tea light candles and yellow and gold wall tones made me feel ready for a nap.

I leave you with this in my last column of The Temple News before I graduate. One of the joys of writing this column was exploring hot spots in the city that I had never visited before.

Philly has a lot to offer. Why not take advantage of it?

Colleen Dunn can be reached at

506 South St.
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Greene Street
Consignment Shop
700 South St.
(215) 733-9261

Lovash Indian Cuisine
236 South St.
(215) 925-3881

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  1. Indian food often very spicy rich in nutrition ,and leaves you craving for more. I heard that most of the Indian dishes are so much oily. I love it and enjoy them very much. Infact we are live in London yet very much fond of it.

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