Homecoming court announced at TSG

The names of the 10 students who will comprise the 2006 Homecoming Court were revealed Monday at the Temple Student Government general assembly meeting.

The candidates for Homecoming King are Thomas Coleman, Wilfrance Pouyes and Juan Torres and the nominees for Homecoming Queen are Pamela Adewoyin, Albrina Alston and Mouna Moussa.

A new addition to the Homecoming Court this year will be the prince and princess, which will feature freshmen with 24 or less credits.

The candidates for Homecoming Prince are Jonathan DeSantis and Demetrius Tindal. The candidates for Homecoming Princess are Patience Ogunbanjo and Hillary Haye.

A “semi-formal” Homecoming pageant will be held on Oct. 24 in Student Center room 200. Students may begin to vote on the Homecoming Court after the pageant, said Nadine Mompremier, the royalty chair of the Homecoming committee.

More information is available at the Homecoming Web site at www.temple.edu/homecoming.

Homecoming 2006 will begin Monday, Oct. 21 and will last through Sunday, Oct. 28.
TSG Student Life chair Brenden Bailes – who is also marketing and advertising chair of the Homecoming committee – said his committee received about 70 responses to the Sodexho and “Temple pride” surveys that they sent out last week. The committee is hoping that at least 200 students respond to each of the ongoing surveys, he said.

Bailes said the responses to the “Temple pride” survey were “a mixed review,” but “we liked what we saw.”

“We got a lot of feedback from those of you who chose to respond, which is great. We appreciate that … ” Bailes said. “People are proud to be Temple students.”
Some of the feedback from the surveys involved how to make Temple athletics better, maintaining and elevating the university’s high academic standards and getting more students involved on campus, specifically the commuter students.

“We really do have a diverse campus and I think that is our greatest strength and our greatest weakness,” Bailes said. “We really want to capture that diversity and that’s every kind of diversity, including people who commute and people who stay on campus.”
In her report, Academic Affairs Chair Brenna Wilson said her committee is attempting to put an academic advising survey into all academic advising offices. The survey will include a rating system which will help the different academic offices “find out what [their] strengths and weaknesses are.”

“As a departure from your advising experience you will be asked to fill out a small survey which will ask how you were accommodated, if you were accommodated in a timely manner and if you have any comments or suggestions,” Wilson said.
The next step is to approach different schools to see who will be able to utilize the survey, Wilson said.

Tyson McCloud can be reached at Tyson@temple.edu.

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