Humor in ‘Miss March’ appeals to college students

Former Temple student stars in the comedy Miss March.

The frivolous and somewhat immature humor in Miss March is the type of comedy that would most likely appeal to college students, sending them bursting into laughter.

Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore, who play the two main characters in the Miss March, also directed and co-scripted the movie.

Twenty-eight-year-old Cregger, who played Eugene, studied at Temple for two years before graduating from New York’s School of Visual Arts, where he met Moore.

The two filmmakers also star in the TV series The Whitest Kids U’Know, which airs on the Independent Film Channel. The show consists of short skits that are intended to be comical. However, the humor in the skits is not quite as ludicrous as in Miss March.

Miss March revolves around two best friends, Eugene and Tucker, whose personalities are remarkably different from each other. Eugene plays the nice guy and is intimidated and tense when it comes to the issue of sex, the movie’s main theme, while Tucker plays a crude sex fanatic and is not in the least bit shy or inexperienced when it comes to the subject.

At the start of the movie, Eugene is struck with some misfortune as he drunkenly falls down stairs, landing in a coma immediately before he was about to finally lose his virginity to his awaiting girlfriend.

After waking from the coma four years later, he finds that his high school sweetheart has become a Playboy Playmate and is now “Miss March” of the current Playboy edition. Tucker eagerly persuades Eugene to embark on a road trip to the Playboy mansion in order to get his girlfriend back.

Along their journey, Eugene and Tucker encounter some rather amusing anomalies, such as the time they encounter some angry firemen or the time they run into an old friend who demands to be called by his new name “Horsed–k-dot-mpeg.” The numerous bizarre situations leave the audience stunned and often unable to guess what will happen next.

The quirky humor in Miss March seems worthy of a few laughs. It contains aspects that of which are somewhat relatable for many college students. The film debuted March 13 and is playing in several theaters around the area.

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