Ice skaters celebrate David Bowie at Blue Cross RiverRink

A Snowy Bowie Skate took place on Sunday at Penn’s Landing as part of the annual Philly Loves Bowie Week, a 10-day celebration of late musician David Bowie. The ice skating event, part of the Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest, closed the Bowie tribute event.

“Her favorite song is ‘Space Oddity,’” 37-year-old Allentown, Pennsylvania, resident Matthew Ward, said of his 7-year-old daughter Silvana. “That’s how she learned to count.”

“I actually just learned yesterday that it was Bowie week,” said 25-year-old West Philadelphia resident Alex Coppola. “I’m pretty pumped.”

Heather Hill-Young, a 25-year-old from West Philly, didn’t know the event was Bowie themed at first.

“It was a happy surprise,” she said as she tied up her skates and prepared to hit the ice as Bowie’s music echoed across the rink.

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