Improving accessibility

The university’s focus on improving accessibility on campus will benefit students with disabilities.

Temple Student Government has formed a task force that will begin working this month to see how the university can be more accessible for students with disabilities.

“Especially in the midst of all the construction that’s going around campus, we want each building, pathway and door to be accessible to individuals with disabilities,” said Jai Singletary, TSG’s vice president of external affairs.

The Temple News hopes that the university continues to think about the ways in which its facilities can better serve all communities comprising the Temple student body.

We were encouraged to see the university make a concerted effort in recent years to create and newly renovate unisex, single-stall bathrooms in newer buildings, like Wachman Hall, to serve Temple’s transgender and gender-nonconforming students. And the creation of the TSG task force to make Main Campus more accessible to students with disabilities is yet another signal that positive changes will continue.

As the university works to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act in buildings it is constructing, the task force will also be examining ways in which buildings already on campus can be improved.

We hope the university makes just as much effort to implement positive changes in already existing buildings as they do in those that are now being constructed.

And as the university, with the help of TSG, continues to serve the specific needs of various student populations on campus, it is better living up to its commitment to diversity.

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