Judge denies Cosby’s latest request

Bill Cosby was denied on Wednesday by a judge for his request that 13 of his accusers must first undergo a competency test if they are to testify.

Bill Cosby leaves a Montgomery County courthouse in July 2016 after his request for dismissal of charges was denied. FILE PHOTO | BRIANNA SPAUSE

Bill Cosby has been denied again in his attempt to skirt trial for sexual assault charges by a judge for the case.

Cosby requested that the 13 women who want to testify they were drugged and assaulted by the comedian would need to withstand competency testing before testifying, according to the Associated Press.

Judge Steven T. O’Neill denied the request Wednesday, but still hasn’t decided whether prosecutors can have the women testify against Cosby at the trial. Cosby was accused by former Temple employee Andrea Constand of an alleged assault by Cosby in 2004.

Cosby’s trial is tentatively scheduled for June 2017.

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