Keep giving back

The Temple Community should use its resources to volunteer all year.

In the past few weeks, Philadelphia has experienced a flurry of holiday spirit with the annual Thanksgiving Day parade, the opening of Christmas Village in LOVE Park and light shows across the city.

Some Temple students and other Philadelphians will partake in holiday traditions this season and for many, that means volunteering their time or resources to those in need.

According to Philabundance, a hunger relief organization in South Philadelphia, 750,000 people in the city and its surrounding areas will experience hunger this year.

Philabundance’s Executive Director Glenn Bergman told, November and December are the biggest months for volunteering and are the months where families start to feel the effects of winter the most.

Temple was founded on principles of service and community. As members of the university community, we are fortunate to have the resources to help during the holiday season, and also through the rest of the year.

Temple’s office of community relations is available to all students and staff and will assist groups and individuals in finding an organization or event to give their time.

Philadelphia also has ample resources to aid people looking to volunteer and who need help year-round. According to Philabundance’s website, giving back can be more than physically helping out—organizations can benefit from financial or food donations or from simply spreading information via social media.

The Temple News urges its community to think of donating time or resources this holiday season and through the rest of the year.

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