Kicking off a new football season

Students braved 90 degree heat on Sept. 5 in support of the football team’s first home game against Navy.

Liacouras Walk was decked out in cherry and white on Sept. 5 to kick off the first football pep rally of the year. Alexa Bricker | TTN
Liacouras Walk was decked out in cherry and white on Sept. 5 to kick off the first football pep rally of the year. Alexa Bricker | TTN

Students and faculty members welcomed a lively Liacouras Walk this past Friday despite the afternoon’s soaring temperatures.

The annual Cherry On Pep Rally, sponsored by Temple Athletics, began at 3:30 p.m. when the thermometer reached a balmy 92 degrees.

The rally, which was held to kick off the start of the football season and wish the Owls luck in their first home game on Saturday against Navy, hosted a wide range of activities like an inflatable basketball net and cornhole.

For those looking for something less physical, stands offering free Victoria’s Secret and Temple merchandise were also set up on the walk.

In addition to the football team, the event highlighted other fall sports programs like women’s soccer.

Despite the many attractions at the pep rally, one group drew the majority of the crowd’s attention: the Diamond Marching Band.

“Our roommate is in the band so we are here to support her,” Catherin Holmes, a freshman nursing major said. “I also really love football so I figured I might as well come today.”

Holmes, who was accompanied by her friend Lexy Singh, a freshman biology major, said they both planned attend Saturday’s game to support their friend as well.

The marching band, which began their performance with 5 Seconds of Summer’s “She Looks So Perfect,” was also the attraction that drew junior Tyler Sewell to the pep rally.

“I love hearing the marching band play,” the human resource management major said. “I really wish I could make it to the game [Saturday] to hear them, but I came today for [the marching band].”

Sewell was not the only student who was disappointed that he was not able to make it to Saturday’s game but decided to participate in the rally to support his fellow Owls.

“I would definitely be going to the game if I didn’t have to work,” Frankie Gillen, a junior finance major said.

Gillen also said that events like the pep rally on Friday are especially great for the free activities  and food, which consisted of soft pretzels and fresh lemonade to help students beat the heat.

As the band continued to play, the Diamond Gems and Cheerleading Squad both performed, alongside the occasional break-dancer encircled by cheering students.

“It was so hot I could barely stand,” Jessica Walsh, a junior biology major said. “But I’m glad I came out to support the team. I think it was still well worth it.”

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