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When Seth Embry decided after his freshman year here that he wanted to become more involved with on-campus activities, his online research led him to Main Campus Program Board, one of the largest student-run organizations

When Seth Embry decided after his freshman year here that he wanted to become more involved with on-campus activities, his online research led him to Main Campus Program Board, one of the largest student-run organizations at Temple.

“Success is simply accomplishing goals and achieving,” the 22-year-old senior said.

“Coming into MCPB I didn’t know what to expect, but I think that since I had a great first year on the Executive Board, which allowed me to take on a number of other leadership roles, success [became] something that I constantly work for.”

Described by some of his closest friends as both sarcastic and compassionate, Embry, a double major in criminal justice and political science, became president of MCPB last April after spending one year in the General Assembly and two years on the Executive Board.

MCPB is Temple’s only student-run organization that orchestrates social events and extracurricular activities
for the student body. Consisting of a General Assembly, an Executive Board and seven distinct committees, MCPB seeks to cover all aspects of social life on Main Campus, according to its mission statement.

“The great thing about MCPB is that it is something that will always be here,” Embry said.

“We provide a lot of large-scale programming events and some of the smaller things for the university as well.”

Embry is also involved in several other student activities, including his current tenure as an elected commissioner for Temple Student Government. He has also served as the Program Chair of the Lambda Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Inc. for more than three years.

“My responsibility is to coordinate all of the chapter’s programs,” he said.

“I solicit program proposals from brothers in the chapter, create our calendar and make sure all the technical logistics are taken care of. I also take on a few of the programs and put a few of those together myself. Between MCPB and my other organizations, I don’t really have any time for my hobbies anymore.”

Regardless of his schedule and responsibilities, Embry said his involvement in various student activities
is fulfilling, citing that his main focus as a student is toward his own personal development and helping others achieve a similar level of success. Embry also said that his strong family background pushed him toward success.

“I would say that my grandfather influenced me a great deal,” he said. “He was the quintessential role model. He was a deacon in my church, active in many ministries and truly lived a life of service to others, which is what I aspire to do.”

Some of Embry’s other mentors include Valerie Gay, director of development and alumni affairs and TSG President Raysean Hogan, with whom Embry shared a Diamond Achievement Award for the efforts and programming the two did while members
of the General Assembly at MCPB.

Embry, who was also a resident assistant at Peabody Hall for two years, said that even after he graduates in May, he has no plans to lessen his involvement with the Temple community and intends to continue his education. He said he would like to receive a certification in Spanish, as well as a Master’s degree in public policy and law in order to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming a member of the White House Senior Staff.

“Somewhere down the line, I’m going to get back into school and maybe get a law degree,” he said.

“Depending on which course of action I take, I’m going to eventually get involved in public policy and local, state and maybe even federal government.”

For now, Embry said that his main focus is on governing MCPB and developing a solid future for the organization.

“My main goals are to expand the visibility of the organization on campus,” Embry

“I want everyone to be able to see MCPB and know who we are and [go] to at least one event or hear about the things that we do.”

I also definitely want to expand the membership and further develop the kind of leadership qualities of our general assembly.”

Embry said he hopes that other Temple students learn from his experiences and become more actively involved with on-campus activities.

“I feel that so many students are missing
out on great opportunities like MCPB, TSG, the Leadership Challenge and other student organizations,” he said.

“I think the most important advice I’d like to give for the students is get involved. Being involved gives you access to very influential people at Temple and is a great way to get experience, meet spectacular people, and build your resume. It will certainly make your time at Temple more enjoyable.”

Maya Davis can be reached at maya.davis@temple.edu.

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