Let Out shooting part of Temple’s growing pains

The shooting at The Let Out proves that students and local residents will clash as Temple grows.

A 21-year-old student was grazed by a stray bullet on the 1600 block of Cecil B. Moore Avenue around 2:30 a.m on Sunday morning. The shooting was the result of an argument between two men outside of The Let Out, police said.

In addition to being a banquet hall, The Let Out, which opened in August 2012, attracts weekend crowds with parties.

The idea of Templetown becoming a destination spot is appealing, and seeing local  businesses grow would be of great benefit for Temple’s surrounding area. However, as with any other development, one must consider the effects on the surrounding community.

In this case, The Let Out’s placement in an area heavily populated with student residents is concerning. Even with a police station on Willington Street, stray bullets are a harsh reality that comes with living near a nightclub and banquet hall in a dangerous area.

While University City is heralded for its restaurants, bars and nightlife, the amount of crime surrounding the University of Pennsylvania’s campus is indicative of the effects development can have on an urban community. In 2012, Penn reported one criminal homicide, four incidents of forcible rape, 18 incidents of aggravated assault and 622 thefts. These numbers reflect “an expanded geographic area beyond campus,” according to Penn’s 2013 Annual Security & Fire Safety Report.

By comparison, Temple reported no criminal homicides, one incident of forcible rape, five incidents of aggravated assault and 279 thefts in 2012.

As always, students should take extra precaution when out late at night. However, Sunday morning’s events show that, while economic growth is appealing, there are side effects of developments and the crowds they attract that must be considered.

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