Letter: TAUP ad neglects to tell the whole story

Temple’s VP of Human Resources says TAUP’s claim of a gender gap in faculty salary is not supported by the facts.

Dear Editor:

Last week, the Temple Association of University Professionals published an advertisement claiming that Temple has a “gender gap problem” with female faculty earning less than male faculty.  This is simply not true.

Last year, Temple performed a detailed analysis of faculty salaries. In addition, the university performed a separate analysis using a model advanced by the American Association of University Professionals.  The results from both analyses were highly consistent and showed no systemic gender gap in salaries in any of Temple’s schools or colleges.

The university learned through these analyses that there are both male and female faculty members who are earning less than the predicted salary and more than the predicted salary in their particular disciplines. The percentages of both women and men who are below the predicted salary are consistent with the overall distribution of gender in the respective school or college. Temple believes their salaries should be increased.  That is why – as part of its contract proposal with TAUP – the university has proposed more than $850,000 to help bring these faculty salaries in line.

TAUP’s claim of a gender gap in faculty salary is not supported by the facts.

Deborah Hartnett
Vice President, Human Resources

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