Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

Students for Intellectual Freedom turned three years old in March. During those three years, infamous claims of bigotry, particularly against Muslims, have been assigned – via character assassination attacks – to us by on- and off-campus socialist, communist and Islamic groups. While it has always been exciting for me to defend us against such claims, the truth is far less exciting, as those claims are simply untrue. But, hey, since when has the truth mattered to Leftists? It’s their kryptonite. It is only natural – even for cancers – to fight for survival.

The blue-ribbon claim is that we were founded as a David Horowitz-machine. Also untrue. Our first event three years ago was sponsored by his Freedom Center. Every event afterward has been funded solely by Temple, Young America’s Foundation, donations I personally raised and my own wallet. Just ask Student Activities. But more on Horowitz later.

Through her events, TUSIF has always fought for the rights of not just non-Muslim minorities – gays, infidels, women, Jews, etc. – but also Muslims themselves, many of whom are prisoners of their lives because they are terrified of their Muslim male and female counterparts harming them for merely questioning Islam’s curious elements, or for deviating from the strict, oppressive, murder-promoting code of conduct known as Sharia Law. While these terrifying, inextricable components of Shari’a have been only enigmatic notions to mainstream America, they have become part of the American kitchen-table vocabulary as headlines to national newspapers and cable news. Honor killings in the Western and Central thirds of the country, and a beheading on the Eastern third, are all realizations and materializations of Sharia in America.

TUSIF’s concern for these barbaric crimes is not bigoted. It’s called acknowledging the truth of reality. How long will we – as Americans – continue to sacrifice sight-and-truth for comfort?  That’s called political correctness, and American society must reject it if we’re to survive as a nation, tolerant of all cultures/religions, while never suppressing our American soul.

A report by the London-based Center for Social Cohesion, entitled “Islam on Campus: A Survey of UK Student Opinion,” showed that 32 percent of Muslim students said killing in the name of religion could be justified, while 60 percent of active members of on-campus Islamic societies said the same. Only 2 percent of non-Muslims polled felt this way.

Reading the facts above surely angered many, but not because of what it reveals but because the bigot Alvaro put it out there. Some readers will be more upset with me, and not the chilling facts. That’s not a good indicator, but an indicator nonetheless.

How do you defend the American soul and all who run to her for haven? Come see and hear from our event’s power panelists on Monday, April. 23, at our Conference on Islamic Apartheid, in Kiva Auditorium 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sponsor: David Horowitz Freedom Center.

In Freedom, Alvaro Watson

Students for Intellectual Freedom, President


  1. Bravo. We need to get the Muslim Barbarians OUT of our country. GET THE MOHAMMEDAN BARBARIANS OUT OF OUR COUNTRY. GO BACK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRIES, MUSLIMS. Enjoy yourselves in your Crapistans.

  2. I find it curious that a group called “Students for Intellectual Freedom” hosted a speaker who advocated the outlawing of the Koran Geert Wilders). So much for intellectual freedom.

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