Speak out and be heard! Send an email to the Temple News. Dear Editor: Let me first start out by stating that I enjoy your newspaper. It saddens me that your newspaper glorified “Brother Steve”

Speak out and be heard! Send an email to the Temple News.

Dear Editor:

Let me first start out by stating that I enjoy your newspaper. It saddens me that your newspaper glorified “Brother Steve” in the last two issues.

A preacher, by definition, preaches the word of God to guide the people. Not condemn all people and consider them sinners and “whoremongers.”

I assume this preacher, Steve, is absolutely free from sin. This is the only reason I can see for the great preacher constantly judging people He doesn’t know or care about. He preaches that God will condemn us for our sins and we will be sent to the “fiery furnace of hell.”

The God I know is merciful and forgiving.

Brother Steve needs to freshen up on his bible studies and to not worry about college students’ perception of the Bible.

I have attended one of Brother Steve’s “cleansing sessions”, and I can assure you that no one listened to his message. Rather, everyone stood around and smoked cigarettes and poked fun at this badly dressed, washed up public-access televangelist.

I hope he finds his path in life and changes his ways because I am sure God will forgive him for his constant judgement.

Furthermore, I found it quite amusing that your newspaper actually printed the Attempted Drunkeness article as the “Crime of the Week.”

It is amazing that this crime beat out car theft, marijuanna possession, vandalism, drinking and driving and physical altercations between students. College students drink. It happens on every college campus. Do you think seizing three cases of beer is a big development in defense of underage drinking? I think the police have better things to worry about like stopping theft and attempted robberies.

And then Brother Steve puts his two cents into it claiming the two students will burn in hell. In my opinion, Brother Steve needs a couple cases of beer to escape from his
harsh reality of being a preacher and savior to the many students who could care less about him or his vengeful God.

If that doesn’t work, I suggest a manger position at McDonald’s.

Dan Kalai

Dear Editor:

I would like to express my dissatisfaction with both Brother Steve’s letter to the editor and the original article featuring him, “Watch Out, Whoremongers.”

Specifically, I would like to take issue with us calling him a “preacher.” Steve’s inflammatory remarks are nothing more than bigoted insults. He has the right to his opinions, however vulgar they may be. However, we should no longer allow him or others like him to mask their hateful words as religious teachings. Steve is insulting to Catholics, Atheists, Muslims, Jews, gays and many other ethnic and religious minorities.

He claims that the problem in this country is caused by a lack of faith in Jesus. I say our problems are the direct result of people like him. We must face the intolerance that these conservative religious types breed head on. We must stop allowing these despicable people to hide behind their religion in order to persecute others.

-Christopher Sgro
Freshman, PoliSci major

Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to Brother Steve’s article and letter.

The worst part about Brother Steve is that (like most Fundamentalist Christians) he twists the Bible to say what he wishes.

Steve likes to quote the Bible, and in his letter he says things like “Jesus judged,” and “God judged” as backup for his own condemnation of those who he has not met. However, he must have failed to read clearly. GOD JUDGED, JESUS JUDGED! No where did he mention a psychotic trespasser judging those he does not know.

Oh, and as for Bible quotes, it looks like you forgot this one Steve, from Leviticus 19:19 “Thou shalt not wear a garment that is woven of two sorts.” So, it would appear that you are a whoremonger too, Steve… you have broken God’s law by wearing silk ties and cotton shirts. I’ll see you in hell.

Thomas Paul
Graduate Student, Religion

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