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Slate endorsement draws questions from students I am deeply disappointed by the editorial [“Owl Evolution,” April 11] supporting Owl Evolution. While I realize this falls under the category of freedom of press, I feel it

Slate endorsement draws questions from students

I am deeply disappointed by the editorial [“Owl Evolution,” April 11] supporting Owl Evolution. While I realize this falls under the category of freedom of press, I feel it is highly inappropriate for a student newspaper to take a side on a student election, especially during the election. I believe this was a last-minute sway tactic, and was a cheap shot toward “Building Temple Tradition.”
I am aware that The Temple News is allowed to print what it chooses, but I believe that printing this showed a deep lack of professionalism. I am ashamed that my school’s newspaper would print something that didn’t reflect the views of just one generalized group of the student body.
You call yourselves the watchdog for the Temple community. Well, judging by this article, you are the watchdogs for the “Owl Evolution” slate.

-Joseph Littman

I wanted to congratulate you on your unbiased publishing and overall writing abilities. I would like to express my surprise and dismay when reading your article [“Owl Evolution,” April 11] on how you endorse the “Owl Evolution.” Aside from the fact that “Building Temple Tradition” had a stronger platform with more attainable goals, and not to mention that Ryan Feldman crushed Juan Galeano at every debate, it makes me wonder what the motivation would be to write this article.
For an unbiased news source, you hardly even mention Ryan Feldman’s plan for a better Temple. If you wanted to be unbiased, you could have compared the slates, talked about the pros and cons, or be honest about the debates. To be fully honest, this “editorial” was disrespectful, underhanded and unnecessary.
I’m sure Juan or someone on the slate is really buddy-buddy with someone on the news staff there, but please, in the future could you maintain your professionalism and separate your job from your own biased opinion.
-David M. Hausler

Every Tuesday I wake up and look forward to getting a hold of one of your papers for that week. I read nearly every article and enjoy them as well. I have also always admired The Temple News for its unbiased opinions on nearly every issue. I say nearly because I was very disappointed and actually angered by your outward bias [“Owl Evolution,” April 11] toward the slate “Owl Evolution.”
I understand that it is your right under the First Amendment of this great country to do so, but is it fair? Yes, I am a “Building Temple Tradition” supporter, but that should not matter while I make my point. There are numerous things that your paper could have done to even out that harsh bias even if you still wanted to endorse “Owl Evolution.” 
You could have had a pro-“Building Temple Tradition” editorial written and still had The Temple News endorse “Owl Evolution.” You could have gotten your facts correct because not all of them were. I wonder if Raysean [Hogan] knows the Board of Trustees. Feldman meets with them every month as treasurer of TSG, since your newspaper cared about that point so much. That is just one thing, and I don’t want to go into more specifics, but my opinion of The Temple News really took a turn for the worse. Both slates have put in countless hours and for one of your articles to likely have dismantled a campaign is wrong.
Save your opinions for after the election; I would rather the winning party win on their own hard work, not on yours.

-Jonathan Alexander
Political Science

When I read the article written for April 11 titled “Owl Evolution,” I was deeply offended. I have never seen such lack of professionalism from a student newspaper, and I hope that whoever wrote this article never reaches a professional level. Endorsing a particular slate in the only student newspaper on campus probably ruined the election and completely distorted what the students may actually want.  
If people have read the article, most likely they skipped reading the platforms and took your decision and made it their own.
As I understand it, if either slate were to do anything that would deeply affect the outcome of the elections, they would be fined and/or removed from the ballot. Your article may force such a thing to happen, and I will discuss with those who are a part of “Building Temple Tradition” about what can be done to bring justice to your lack of professionalism.
You are supposed to represent the students and give the opportunity for people to make up their own mind.
There is a reason why this is the first and only time The Temple News endorsed a slate, and that is because it is a mistake.

-Nir Guy

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