Pro-Life advertisment draws readers’ ire

I demand a prompt explanation as to why a pro-life, highly conservative pamphlet was distributed along with the newspaper today. I am aware of your constitutional right to freedom of the press, so do not try to lecture me on that. But that is just ridiculous. What makes you think that your readers want political views imposed on them?

Especially when Temple is centered in one of the most traditionally liberal cities in the nation. I just believe that this was an outrage and something needed to be said about it. This is not the first time my views have been imposed upon. If it happens again, I will stop reading your paper and encourage my friends and classmates to do the same.

-Joseph Littman
Communications and Theater

I find myself writing for the second time to this newspaper about your ‘unbiased’
writing. I was appalled to find upon opening the paper that in every copy was a pro-choice circular. I don’t know whose agenda you guys are considering; however, if you want to remain the newspaper that people turn to on campus, it would be wise to publish all the facts and not just using your position to promote your own opinion.

As you know, abortion is a very touchy subject. I’m sure I’m not the only person who is annoyed and dismayed about the editor’s lack of judgment.

Last semester, I found myself in the same position during the election for TSG president when you fully praised the current president, leaving possibly a more qualified candidate at a loss due to your biased writing.

If it happens again, I assure you, I will dissuade as many people as I can from reading the apparently biased Temple News, which won’t be too difficult. Please, please, please choose your words and positions wisely in the future.

-David M. Hausler

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