Lieberman: For students, stores to manage a cheap style

Lieberman explains where to find stylish fashion at affordable prices.


MAURA LIEBERMANI  am always looking for good deals. Stores like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s and Ross offer great stylish pieces at a fraction of the price one would pay at stores like American Eagle and Urban Outfitters. These discounted department stores are also gold mines for finding everything that could be needed in a wardrobe.

From casual to formal wear – including active wear, pajamas, shoes and even jewelry – Marshall’s has it all. You can find one on 10th and Market streets in Center City, right across the street from The Gallery at Market East. Marshall’s isn’t limited to clothing, so you can find last minute decorations for dorms or apartments, too.

Sometimes busy schedules can get in the way of personal shopping times, which is when online shopping can save you. It’s quick, easy and you can often find exactly what you want. For a more sophisticated business casual style like McLeod’s, online shops like Gilt and Asos offer quality, classic styles. Button-up blouses, blazers, and simple jewelry can add class to any outfit. For cheaper alternatives, check online stores like ModCloth and Lulu’s.

Celebrities and bloggers are great sources of inspiration for personal style, but it can be obvious when you’re blatantly imitating them. When shopping, instead of saying “Would so-and-so wear this?” decide first if it will actually look good on you, and how you can style it to fit your personality. Putting your own spin on outfits helps dress you ahead of the curve.

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