Live in Philly: Dance workshop promotes femininity in safe spaces


Facilitating Femininity, a dance workshop, was hosted by freshman dance major Tyra Jones-Blain on Sunday in Pearson Hall’s dancing studio. The purpose of this workshop was to create a safe space for women to express their femininity. The workshop included pop and modern dance movements.

“Desexualization, to me, is stemming away from the stereotype that just because a girl dresses up or moves or dances sexy, she is a very sexual being,” said Amaria Estes, a junior advertising major.
“Women have the right to take back their body. They should be allowed to find their femininity and bring out their sexual orientation without being judged.”

The workshop was also created to promote an upcoming event, “Phenomenal Women in Philly.” The first annual discussion was created by Only Elite Matters — a visual media start-up organization. The event, which will take place on Friday at The Mannequin Factory in Kensington, will include talks from Ellen Weber, the executive director of Fox School of Business’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute, Sofiya Ballin, a 2014 journalism alumna and reporter for the Inquirer, Ashley Fox, a financial education specialist, Devon Milan, a celebrity stylist and Cheldin Barlatt Rumer, a host on This Is It, a daily digital lifestyle program. The event, which will include live music and networking opportunities, is meant to be a discussion of what it means to be a “phenomenal” woman.

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