Live in Philly: Vegan Chili Competition


On Saturday, V Marks the Shop, a vegan food store, hosted the “Super Philly Chili Bowl” at The Rotunda in University City where local competitors put their best vegan chili recipes to the test. The competition of 20 different chili variations consisted of local restaurateurs, Youtubers and vegans. Competitors Ricki Jordan and Joe Rakowski brought their Nourishing Bean Chili to the chili bowl to promote their new tea lounge and wellness center, Noble Earth, opening in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Brittany and Terrence Roche, wearing their “Hail Seitan” T-shirts, which references the meat substitute,  presented their Three Bean Chili. They operate a live cooking show on Facebook called Plant Power Couple and won the award for most original recipe.

Brianna Krejci, president of University of Pennsylvania’s Vegan Society, came to represent her organization as well as the close relationship they have with V Marks the Shop.

“I think it’s a great idea and I love chili,” Krejci said.

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