Love’s Labor Lost?

We’re all a bit busy this time of the semester with midterms and the holidays quickly approaching. But what about romance? One thing is true; romance at Temple or any college campus isn’t easy to

We’re all a bit busy this time of the semester with midterms and the holidays quickly approaching.

But what about romance?

One thing is true; romance at Temple or any college campus isn’t easy to find.

The constant hustle and bustle keeps most of our minds off of romance and more on paying rising tuition and dealing with roommates.

So where does one go to meet Ms. or Mr. Right now?

Although finding love might even be harder than finding an advisor during registration, it is possible.

If you’re on a quest to meet that special someone, then you might want check out these places:

The IBC – You’re sure to find a fine specimen here.

That nice tight body that always seems to hop on the treadmill right next to you might be there for more than a workout, talk to him or her.

Striking up a friendly conversation might just lead to more.

Your gym buddy could possibly go from spotting you to giving you a rub down after a long workout.

But don’t sweat it if your eye candy turns out to be all brawn and no brains, at least you have something fine to look at and keep your heart pumpin’ while you’re in the long stretch of your cardio routine.

Class – Yes, there’s another reason to go to class besides nodding off during the professor’s lecture.

That guy or girl that always sits next to you might be eyeing you but you’ve failed to notice it.

Once again, conversation is the key.

Small talk could progress to one-on-one study sessions that last all night long.

Don’t forget to scope out the back of the classroom.

There might be some cuties sitting behind you that you never noticed.

One swift turn of the head might lead to a new crush.

Student Center – This multi-functional building isn’t just a resting spot between classes or a place to eat; it’s grand central station for romance.

While waiting in line for something to consume, you might just find someone who has the same love for pasta alfredo as you do and is willing to wait with you for more alfredo sauce to come out.

The study and TV lounges could be the optimal locations for romance hunting. Instead of reviewing last minute notes, just look for a guy or girl you see everyday and are just too afraid to talk to.

Broad Street – You might just find your soul mate waiting for you at the corner.

While you’re anticipating the mad dash that’s needed to cross Broad, a light conversation might just make the wait a bit less painful.

Just make sure to ask the name of your guy or gal before you both get caught up in ducking and dodging cars that don’t seem to know the significance of a red light.

Liacouras Walk and the eateries along Anderson – Isn’t it funny that with thousands of undergrads on campus, you always seem to bump into the same people here.

Whether you’re at 7-Eleven, Togo’s or any one of the numerous shops that are just waiting to clog your arteries, that guy or girl that you’ve been crushing on since freshman year is bound to be here.

If they’re grabbing a bite to eat, just ask if you can sit with them and debate over who’s Diamond Dollars have dwindled more since the onset of new eateries.
Obviously conversation is key.

But what do you say when you’ve got your object of affection’s attention?

Whatever you do, don’t disclose too much information.

A first conversation shouldn’t necessarily revolve around past relationships gone badly, any mental illness that you have or bad habits such as nose picking.

Some things can wait until the next conversation.

And to all the guys out there, pick-up lines are no good.

Girls have heard them a million times.

However, there are some places that you should never look for love.

Clubs are a prime example. Dim lighting can make just about anyone look good.

And alcohol tends to make everyone bit less selective about who you go home with.

If you live in a dorm, stay away from dorm romances.

This is a disaster waiting to happen. Not only can your significant other stop by without any warning, but also if the romance sours, you’re bound to bump into the person more than you’d like to.

So whether you’re in class, or just grabbing lunch, keep your eyes open and your mind ready, or your next love might pass you up for some ketchup.

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