Morgan Hall may dominate the skyline in North Philadelphia since opening as a residence and dining hall this semester, but it has yet to infiltrate the ranks of favorite spots to eat on campus. This year, The Temple News continues its annual tradition of bringing you the issue you’ve all been craving – the Lunchies Awards.
You told us where you go to grab lunch on a busy day, to find comfort food that gets you through finals week and where you found adventurous new flavors in a spontaneous moment of bravery and impulse buying. You can find those ranked as the Students’ Top 10 Trucks inside this insert.
As tradition dictates, we’ve also provided the Top 10 trucks voted by The Temple News staff. In addition, we’ve brought you a whole new insight into the newsroom: nine meal recommendations from our editors. The trucks keep us fueled with the energy to bring you the paper each week.

Along with an insider’s look at the company that keeps the food trucks looking appetizing, read about the little-known cultural and familial ties between trucks and one freshman’s guest column on something we can all relate to – our first meal at a Temple food truck.
This isn’t just the PB & J in your middle school sack lunch. This is Lunchies; where we know that sometimes the best things come in plain, brown paper packages.

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