Lunchies 2019: Five under $5

Here’s what you can grab around Main Campus without breaking the bank.

Temple is lined with food trucks all around campus, and they bring different things to the table. These trucks offer everything from a savory vegan burger to a sweet mango and kale smoothie. Still, eating out can be expensive, and not every student is able to afford an $11 salad, so The Temple News compiled a list of five different hearty foods, all for $5 or less.


Bagel Hut

Location: Montgomery Avenue near Liacouras Walk 

Price: $4.75

You can this egg and cheese sandwich on a plain, everything or wheat bagel along with the choice of bacon or sausage. For a vegetarian alternative, you can opt-out of a meat option, which will run $3.50.


Vegan Tree 

Location: Norris Street near 13th

Price: $5

The burger has cucumbers, lettuce, and tomatoes, along with vegan mayonnaise all on top of a soy-based veggie burger and a crispy whole wheat bun. 



Location: Montgomery Avenue near 13th Street

Price: $5 (Cash only)

The noodles are topped with a marinara sauce and parmesan cheese, which can be taken off for a vegan alternative.


Ebi’s Halal Lunch Cart

Location: 13th Street near Polett Walk 

Price: $5

All of Ebi’s sandwiches, including chicken, lamb or falafel, are under $5. The chicken sandwich is topped with lettuce, tomatoes and white, red or chili sauces.


Fruit Salad & Smoothie Truck

Location: Montgomery Avenue near 13th Street

Price: $4.50 (Cash only)

The truck offers 11 fruit and vegetable combinations, and you can customize your drink. Students can add whey protein or peanut butter for $1. 

Photos by Ayooluwa Ariyo

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