Macs see high demand, low supply

Macs remain the minority in the TECH Center, even though their popularity is surging.

While some students who visit the TECH Center may simply need to access the Internet or Microsoft Word, others may need to use technical software that can only be found on Mac computers.

Of the 700 workstations in the TECH Center, only 20 percent are Macs. The rest are Windows personal computers.

The demand for Macs in the TECH Center has increased as more students need to use audio and video editing software and other advanced programs.

“I needed Audacity, and Macs are the only computers that have it,” said Gail Austin, a sophomore journalism major.

“The area that we have seen really grow has been video editing,” said Gerald Hinkle, director of Computer Lab Management and Operations. “We started out with 15 workstations, and it was one area of the TECH Center where we had lines to use the equipment.”

Recently, the TECH Center replaced all PC workstations in an under-used section of the center with 30 Mac workstations. This was done in preparation for the influx of Tyler students who have specific projects that require technical software.

“One of the goals for the TECH Center was that any software that is available or is required for courses from the university have to be in the TECH Center,” Hinkle said.

While Macs may be in high demand, there are plenty of Windows workstations available.

“One of the features of the new Macs is that they run both Windows and Mac OS,” Hinkle said. “You can do a dual boot, and if someone really wants Windows, they can have Windows.”

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