Make It or Break It

The outfit is not the only thing that can affect an interview. Following these grooming tips will help pass the test.


DO NOT wear heavy makeup. Keep it fresh and simple with natural colors. Stick to the basics like concealer, foundation and light mascara.

DO wear hair in a tight ponytail or chignon bun. For shorter hair, let it down, but keep it sleek and straight.

DO NOT wear brightly-colored nail polish. Nails should be kept neat and trimmed. Spring for a manicure before the interview. Choose a beige or sheer pink color.

DO keep facial hair trimmed or fully shaven. This is an occasion where it is better to be baby-faced.

DO NOT wear heavy cologne or aftershave. Your scent should carry less then 3 feet. This rule applies for women also. Wear something very light, or skip the fragrance. Deodorant should be just enough.

DO keep tattoos covered and remove any piercings. Having an earring or a visible tattoo may suggest that you are not serious about your career and how you present yourself. Women should also remove any facial piercings and conceal body art.

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