Metal band discovers fame after stint on reality TV

The road to success for any band or artist can be one of great difficulty. Some artists can record one album and quickly get noticed by a record label, some can tour and record for

The road to success for any band or artist can be one of great difficulty. Some artists can record one album and quickly get noticed by a record label, some can tour and record for years and never get noticed. And then there is A Dozen Furies.

The band is best known for winning MTV’s reality show Battle for Ozzfest, but there is a lot more to the band than what people saw on television. Before their Oct. 23 show at the Electric Factory, opening up for Gwar, lead singer Bucky Garret and guitarist Marc Serrano talked about their lives after the show, their new album and their current tour with Gwar.

The Temple News: What was life like before Battle for Ozzfest and how have things changed since you won?

Bucky Garret: Well, we were doing everything by ourselves before the Battle for Ozzfest and it was kind of a struggle because we would be playing in front of 20 to 100 kids. Obviously now we are playing in front of 800 to 2,000 people, kind of like jumper cables to our career.

Marc Serrano: It helped pretty much get our names out there and kind of made us a household name in the metal community.

TTN: What is it like touring with a veteran band like Gwar and are they as crazy off-stage as they are on?

BG: Dude no way man; they’re ridiculous on stage but off-stage they’re not. They are probably the most down-to-earth people on the tour.

MS: Yeah, I didn’t know what to expect. A lot of bands of their stature that have been doing this for so long don’t really like to hang out much, but the Gwar dudes come and hang out. They made it a point to know all our names. They are just really cool.

TTN: This question is for Bucky. Did you feel confident while at home that Marc would bring you guys to the finals?

BG: Hell no. [Laughs] No dude, we really didn’t know what was going on out there; we knew that he was heady and we knew he wouldn’t do stupid stuff to get kicked off. We really had no idea what to expect. They picked the person to go and if we had to pick, it would have been him anyway.

TTN: Is there anything in particular you want fans to pay attention to on the new album? Is there anything significant that you want fans to get out of it?

MS: I say put on some headphones and listen to it over and over again. Listen to all the instrumental harmonies, all the guitar parts, all the vocals.

I was there for the recording of the record and now everytime I listen to the record, I find something new, like harmonies he was singing or something. There are lots of layers of candy in there, which is cool to listen to.

TTN: Since you guys have played in Philadelphia before, what do you guys think of the fans here?

MS: Our Philly show was great. There weren’t a lot of people and we were doing our own tour. We played the TLA [Theater of Living Arts] on the Battle for Ozzfest tour and the crowd was really into it.

TTN: What are your plans for the upcoming future?

BG & MS: Tour, tour, tour, tour.

MS: We’ll probably tour through August or September depending on how well we do. We want to drill this record into the ground and make sure people see us like five or six times on this album cycle. We want to build it up, build it up, and go home and do another record. Hopefully next year we’ll do another video and then overseas and tour Europe. We haven’t done that yet.

TTN: What was life like on the road with Ozzy?

BG: We would go over and see the show and see him in passing, but it’s like the president, you can’t just walk up and talk to him.

TTN: Looking back on the day you guys auditioned for the show, would you have done anything different that day?

MS: No, I wouldn’t change anything. The first thing they did at the audition was listen to every band’s CD. They had a panel of judges and right after they listened to our album, we went to another station and they told us straight up that we were going to be called back.

BG: I think we kind of missed out on the serious allure of where bands come from, what they are about, because a lot of people may have heard of us from the MTV thing. So I mean that is not anything we could really take back. We jumped on a chance to get our name out there no matter what media it was from.

MS: Every band’s got a history. Truth be known, just because we won and that’s how we got out there, and that’s how we got our deal, we still have a history too. We have been touring in a broken-down van on our own and have been playing for 10 years. Now we have to play twice as hard to earn respect.

BG: But we do it every day when we play live. It’s all about bringing energy and making the crowd feel us, even if they don’t know who we are. If there is any band out there that’s going to get them to move, it’s going to be us.

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