Mock cookie vote mirrors midterm election

Dining Services is looking to elect Temple’s official cookie as a reminder of students’ civic duty.

Dining Services is looking to elect Temple’s official cookie as a reminder of students’ civic duty.

Video by Haley Kmetz, Joe Russo, Rachel Stewart, and Marjorie Thomas.

This year, Temple Dining Services has introduced an unusual way to boost school spirit and raise awareness of Election Day on Tuesday, Nov. 2. On “Selection Day 2010,” students will decide on an official Temple cookie.

On the same day as the midterm elections, students can vote on an official poll in the Student Center, Johnson & Hardwick cafeteria or the Learning Center at Ambler Campus.

Selection Day 2010 is designed to mimic the real elections, with four cookie candidates that will even have negative ad campaigns targeting their opponents.

Jeffrey R. Browne, the marketing director of University Dining Services, said he is hopeful that students participate and have fun with the event.

Once elected, Temple’s official campus cookie will be available at the Student Center and retail satellite locations, such as Lucky Cups and Fresh Bites. Prices have not been finalized, but the cookie is estimated to cost as much as $1.50.

“It was a team effort,” Browne said. “But the cookies themselves were definitely creations of our in-house baker, David Okapal.”

Students will have four Okapal originals to choose from: Cherry and White, Red Hot Temple Berry Smash, Coconut Cherry Champ and My-T Red Velvet Chunk.

Cherry and White is a play on a black-and-white cookie. One side is dipped in traditional frosted glaze, while the opposite is covered with a cherry puree glaze.

The Red Hot Temple Berry Smash includes dried cranberries, white chocolate chunks, red-hot candy pieces, vanilla sandwich cookie bits and potato chips.

The Coconut Cherry Champ contains coconut and maraschino cherries.

The final candidate is the My-T Red Velvet Chunk, a red velvet cake with white chocolate chunks and a hint of cocoa that features a sweet cream cheese “T” drizzled on top.

Despite students’ varying levels of enthusiasm about voting in the midterm elections, some seemed to think Selection Day will be an effective reminder.

“You may only be voting for a cookie,” Browne said. “But you also want to make sure you go out and vote on some other important things.”

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