Another fire reported at Morgan Hall

The fire comes after five arsons were reported last month.

Another small fire was discovered at the construction site of  Morgan Hall Tuesday morning, resulting in no injuries or damage to property, Deputy Director of Campus Safety Services Charlie Leone said.

The fire occurred on the 14th floor of the high-rise inside a barrel, where trash and debris was found burning and put out by a fire extinguisher.

Firefighters were on the scene early in the morning, and Temple Police and investigators from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were investigating the cause of the fire into the afternoon.

Five fires occurred on the site between Feb. 11 and Feb. 12, resulting in $100,000 in damage. The cause of those fires has been ruled as arson, according to ATF and university officials.

Leone said it was too early to determine whether Tuesday’s fire was an act of arson.

There is a combined $15,000 award out for the culprit of the February fires, being offered by the ATF and L.F. Driscoll Company, the firm in charge of construction at Morgan Hall.

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