More stores to accept Diamond Dollars soon, according to TSG

Temple Student Government Treasurer Brad Hoffman and his Finance committee members cleared up student’s questions about Diamond Dollar usage and expansion at Monday’s general assembly meeting.

Soon students will be able to spend their Diamond Dollars at more places than the Temple Bookstore and at the Anderson Hall food court.

Both Qdoba Mexican Grill and City View Pizza will begin accepting Diamond Dollars as payment starting around Nov. 1. Other stores, including the shops at Avenue North, Zavelle Bookstore, the Pearl Theatre and Rite-Aid, have all submitted applications to add the electronic money to their payment repertoire.

For students who spend every semester pondering over the various costs included in Temple’s tuition, members of the Student Finance Committee provided some clarification. Miscellaneous charges on the semester bill pay for many of the services Temple students use on a regular basis.

Out of the $275 in miscellaneous fees charged to students each semester, there is a $30 charge for Student Health Services, located on the 4th floor of 1810 Liacouras Walk. That fee allows students to visit Student Health Services for anything from obtaining a cough drop to securing birth control, as well as free and confidential HIV and STD testing.

Another $125 goes towards the computer and technology fee, which covers Tech Center help desk services and Temple’s very own PC Clinic where students can receive technical help with their computer problems. If a computer requires a complete make-over, Kylie Patterson, secretary of the Student Finance committee said the PC Clinic “will rebuild your computer from the bottom up.”

Patterson also advised students to stay away from using file-sharing programs like Livewire and Kazaa.

“You may not have gotten hit yet, but it’s coming,” she said.

TSG President Juan Galeano opened the meeting by advising all students to sign onto OWLnet and complete the contact information for the Emergency Notification System.

“They will e-mail or text you and let you know if there’s an emergency situation,” Galeano said.

For the politically active members of the student body, the Democratic Presidential candidates will hold a debate at Drexel University Tuesday at 8 p.m. While tickets are unavailable to non-Drexel students, a video link can be accessed at

Students who wish to rally with the Temple Football team, can still purchase standing room tickets for the Temple vs. Penn State game on Nov. 10. Tickets are also still available for Friday’s Temple vs. Ohio State game by contacting Steve Brooks, president of the Cherry Crusade, at

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