Morgan Hall replaces second floor with buffet, adds convenience store

Temple’s newest dining hall will change options in response to student feedback.

Morgan Hall will replace its second floor with a buffet-style dining option opening Monday in time for Welcome Week, according to Temple Dining Services.

Opening last August, the changes come in response from student feedback. The second floor, which featured Broad Street BBQ, American Pie, L.O.F.T and Café Spice, will be replaced by an “all-you-can-eat” buffet. However, food from the former options will still be served on rotation.

The new dining options will feature three areas:

  • Mediterranean Pie: pizza and pasta
  • Sazón de México: burritos and other Mexican cuisine
  • Magellans: homestyle and international dishes

“We heard students were hoping to have an ‘all-you-can-eat’ option on the south end of campus,” said Nate Quinn, unit marketing coordinator at Temple Dining Services. “So that really was really the main reason [for the change].”

In addition, the Auntie Anne’s in the hall will become a convenience store which will sell drinks and snacks – some of which will be accepted with a meal plan – as well as personal items. Quinn said there isn’t a name for the store yet, but hopes to receive help from students via a “naming contest.”

Zayde’s Delicatessen on the first floor will also change to a bistro/café option serving “grab-and-go” options once sold at L.O.F.T, pastry items and Intelligentsia brand coffee, replacing the Starbucks brand coffee served upstairs.

The new buffet will have take-out containers available and will accept meal plans, cash, credit or diamond dollars.

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