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Elkins Park Students Become Commuters

Since the Tyler School of Art has moved to Main Campus, some students residing in or around Elkins Park, Pa., now have to commute to school.

Once the Elkins Park campus closed, shuttle buses that transported students to Main Campus were discontinued.

“[The shuttle service] has probably been incorporated into the general bus service by Temple,” said Brigitte Knowles, associate dean of Main Campus Programs at Tyler. “I do not really know that as a fact, but I am sure that is what happened to it.”

Many of the students have chose to remain in Elkins Park for a variety of reasons.

“It is my final semester, so I do not see the point in trying to find a new place to live for a couple of months,” senior photography major Evan Lloyd said.

The Elkins Park campus closed at the end of last semester. The old campus resembles a ghost town, as empty classrooms can be seen through the windows of academic buildings along Penrose Avenue.

Apartments that used to house Tyler students are accepting new tenants.

“The only people on campus are just a couple of security people for keeping the campus secure. But no students or faculty or staff,” Knowles said.

Emma Fichtinger, who lives near the closed campus, is opposed to relocating to Main Campus.

“I live with my parents, so I save money and commute,” the junior painting major said. “I live near the train station, so I take the train. I tried driving, but that kind of sucks more with the traffic.”

Students in Elkins Park commute to Main Campus by carpool or train. Carpools, though cheaper than monthly SEPTA TransPasses, have drawbacks.

“We usually all come down in the morning, and we all drive back at night so it makes for a long day,” Lloyd said. “It just becomes part of the routine that you go through day to day.”

Victoria Ahmadizadeh, a junior glass major, said she would like to move to Main Campus but has to finish the lease on her home.

“I like my house, but it was either I was going to commute last semester or this semester,” Ahmadizadeh said. “I have a lot of friends that moved to the city in the beginning of last semester, so they had to commute for one semester.”

Knowles said Temple has not made a decision on what to do with the Elkins Park campus.

While some Tyler students still need to adjust to their school’s new location, they are remaining optimisitic.

“We have had construction workers in and out of here while we have been trying to have class because the building is not done yet,” Lloyd said. “As far as it being a huge drag, not so much because it is pretty much worth it, and all of my friends are here.”

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