Namesake greets customers in more than one way

The likeness of Tai, of Tai’s Vietnamese Food, has been applied to the exterior of the restaurant.

The large cartoon face of a laughing Vietnamese woman with a red hat is the first thing that greets students at Tai’s Vietnamese Food at the 12th Street Food Pad Vendors.

The cartoon image is in fact a depiction of the restaurant’s namesake, Tai, who greets everyone with the same wide smile as the one in her cartoon – hat included.

This cartoon – as well as the large visual menu and electronic signboard plastered across the front of the vendor  – was implemented just before this semester. This was a pleasant surprise for returning students.

Standing in a crowded line, Dionna Davis, a senior criminal justice major, said she believed the new design was nice.

“I think it attracts more people. I don’t remember it being this crowded before,” Davis said.

Tai reaffirmed this sentiment.

She could not, however, give any details on how much the renovations cost.

“I don’t know, my boss paid,” she said with a laugh.

Robert Schmidt, a senior history major, said he thinks the vendor’s display looks a lot better.

Nearly all the items offered by this popular food stop have been strategically photographed with bamboo place mats and ceramic plates.

“I like that they’ve got better pictures of the food,” Schmidt said. “The menu is generally much easier to deal with.”

This Vietnamese food vendor is one of the only restaurants on 12th Street that has most of its food options featured in photos – a perfect match for the visually inclined.

-Hayon Shin

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