No. 8 Penn State handles field hockey

Field hockey suffers 5-1 loss to No. 8 Penn State.

Penn State’s relentless offense proved to be too much for Temple this afternoon, as the field hockey team lost 5-1 at Geasey Field.

No. 8 Penn State proved to be too fast and athletic for the Owls, and scored three goals in the second half.

Senior midfielder Katie Briglia said that she gives a lot of credit to Penn State.

“[Penn State] is a very good team, they’re very athletic and they’re relentless in getting to the ball,” Briglia said. “So credit to [Penn State], they’re a very good team.”

Briglia scored the Owls’ lone goal in the game off of one of Temple’s two penalty corners.

“It came off of our first penalty corner of the game,” Briglia said. “It was a straight shot on goal, and I just kind of lined it up and took the shot.”

But besides Briglia’s goal, Temple’s offense was stagnant compared to Penn State who had 28 shots on goal and 14 penalty corners.

Senior forward Kelsey Amy scored two goals for the Lady Lions within the first 10 minutes of the game, setting the tone for the rest of the game.

Coach Amanda Janney said that rebounds were a big part of Penn State’s high amount of shots.

“They were just getting so many rebounds off of us,” Janney said. “They’d be getting three or four shots at a time, where for we’d were getting only one or two shots.”

Going into halftime, the Owls were down one goal despite only taking four shots the entire period.

Temple was able to hang in the game until the 53rd and 54th minutes, when Penn State scored back-to-back goals.

Janney said that Lady Lions’ two consecutive goals in the second half turned the game around.

“For [Penn State] to score two goals in 53’ and 54’ back to back within a minute is horrific for us, and we have to prevent situations like that that take us out of the game” Janney said.

With Penn State’s aggressive running style, Briglia said that fatigue and hesitation were also big parts of the Owls’ second half collapse.

“Our skill work began to break down in the second half,” Briglia said. “We needed to play our style of hockey with clean passes, and not be as hesitant as we were.”

Tomorrow the Owls continue their home stand with a 1 p.m. game against Lafayette.

Janney said that she wants to see her team get back to the basics.

“Our basic skills better be on,” Janney said. “Today that’s what broke down in the last ten minutes, and our basic skills need to be at a higher level against a team like Lafayette that is very beatable.”

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