No need to feel green on holiday

Saint Patrick’s Day is associated with everything Irish, but those who lack Irish heritage are not to be left out of the festivities that come with the holiday. The people of Ireland are described as the “friendly Irish” and their culture is referred to as a “warm hospitality.” Irish culture is celebrated every year on Saint Patrick’s Day, the one day that everyone, regardless of heritage, has a chance to be Irish.

Everyone can absorb some of the Irish spirit – or spirits – that floats around on St. Patrick’s Day. The most common and effective way to immerse yourself in the Irish community is to get your green on. It is generally known that wearing green on this day shows support and involvement in the holiday. Even those who do not celebrate the holiday know the significance of the color.

When asked if she celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, Amanda Thomas, a sophomore education major said “No, I don’t even wear green.”

St. Patrick’s Day has become associated with anything green, gold, lucky or containing shamrocks; marshmallows or otherwise. The holiday is celebrated with parades, music, dancing, Irish food, and of course, Irish drinking. Dublin, Ireland holds a five-day festival held in honor of St. Patrick with festivities continuing around the clock for all ages.

To celebrate locally offers a search to find a parade or event nearest you. Parades are a sure fire way to get into the Irish spirit, but there are other more low-key alternatives. Kacee Lawver, a junior tourism and hospitality management major, said, “I don’t make that big a deal of it,” and explains that she might go out to a bar or party with some friends.

A night out on the town can certainly trigger some Irish sparks. Even if you aren’t at the legal age to drink, you can stop in at most Irish pub for some “pub grub” to get a taste of Ireland literally.

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