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We have all been there. The alarm goes off, and you wake up with glands the size of golf balls and a drum line pounding away in your head. Though this may be a result

We have all been there. The alarm goes off, and you wake up with glands the size of golf balls and a drum line pounding away in your head. Though this may be a result of last night’s drinking binge, it could also be the dreaded cold.

Since your mom is nowhere near to feed you soup, what is an undergrad to do? The first option would be to go right back to sleep and hope the pain goes away. A smarter option might just be stopping in at Temple Health Services and getting some medicine.

Once you make your way to the depths of Mitten Hall, you may find that Temple offers more services than curing the common cold.

Prescriptions for the unavoidable cold: Student Health Services offers prompt and professional doctors that have seen it all. For the best possible results, make an appointment beforehand and come prepared with that pesky health insurance information. If you are not under your parent’s health insurance, keep in mind that currently enrolled students who have paid the Student Health Fee are eligible to be seen in Student Health Services. Often you will be able to fill your prescription right there, and they accept Diamond Dollars. If you are worried about missing class, ask your doctors for a note, and they’ll be happy to oblige.

Immunizations for less: Whether you are studying abroad next semester or just had a run-in with a rusty nail, you are bound to need a shot sometime during your undergrad career. They’re quick, relatively painless, and cheap. Once again, try to call ahead to make an appointment. Not only will you make the staff happy, but you will cut down on the nervous waiting room time before you meet the needle.

The cheapest condom around: And less embarrassment, too. There’s nothing like buying a bunch of condoms at the 7-Eleven. Not like the cashier will notice, or even care for that matter. If you are having sex, you need to buy condoms, period. THEO, the Temple Health Empowerment Office, offers 10 condoms for $1. The office is located in the lower level of Mitten, across the hall from Health Services. It’s quick, it’s painless, and it is a must for both guys and girls. With prices like these, how could you say no?

You did it, and you cannot believe it: You got an STD. Temple Health Services offer private, sensitive counseling and testing. Most tests and treatments are free. You may be embarrassed now, but it will only get worse if you don’t take care of the problem. Health Services prides itself on being completely confidential. Additionally for the ladies, Health Services offers something called the “Family Planning Program” which provides you with the above tests, and birth control methods, including condoms, the Pill and the Patch. They also provide emergency contraception. These services are based on a sliding scale, and the above are provided free or at low cost. Once again, all services are completely confidential. So, what are you waiting for?

Help yourself: Free meds! As if things could not get any better than 10-cent condoms, Health Services has some free stuff for you. Go to the window at Health Services and peruse generic medications for pain, fever, bandages and decongestants. Okay, so we are not talking about top-of-the-line drugs, but grab some. You’ll be glad you did for your next hangover.

Health Services can be reached at (215) 204-7500 and is located in the lower level of Mitten Hall. You can also visit their web site at studhealth/index.htm. In case of an emergency, call (215) 204-1234.

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