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Whether you are a freshman or a transfer, all students should have located Paley Library by this time in the semester. Locating the book you need is another story, but just finding the building is

Whether you are a freshman or a transfer, all students should have located Paley Library by this time in the semester. Locating the book you need is another story, but just finding the building is a good start.

Located at 1210 W. Berks St., the Samuel L. Paley library is Temple’s main source for books on main campus, housing the majority of Temple’s book and journal collections in most subject areas.

However, there may come a time in your academic career when you have to deal with a specific subject matter, and the general book at Paley just doesn’t cut it.

The following is a list of just a handful of smaller, more specialized libraries that you might now even know exist on campus.

1. The Blitman Resource Center. Located on the second floor of Annenberg hall, the Blitman Resource Center joined Temple’s library system in the fall of 2000. Placed in the heart of the School of Communications and Theater, Blitman is home to all materials relating to communications, including books, journals and newspapers. Call (215) 204-7350 for hours and more information.

2. Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection. This collection of over 30,000 materials is located in the first floor of Sullivan Hall. Noted as one of the leading facilities for “the history and culture of people of African descent,” Blockson contains every kind of reference you might need. From manuscripts to sheet music, and journals to posters, it is all here. The collection even boasts select artifacts, so just stopping by to browse is worth it. Call (215) 204-6632.

3. Engineering & Architecture Library. In support of the College of Engineering and the Architectural Program, this assortment boasts a great deal of reference material for both disciplines. As noted on the Web site, this library houses material on mechanical, civil, electrical and computer engineering, as well as all aspects of architecture. This can be found in Room 200 in the Engineering & Architecture Building. Be sure to also check out the assortment of architectural drawings and blueprints. Call (215) 204-7828.

4. Zahn Library. Located on the first floor of Ritter Annex, the Zahn Library is home to learning materials for students in both the College of Education and the School of Social Administration. All aspects of education materials can be found here, from student textbooks to curriculum guides for education majors. The social administration collection covers all aspects of social work through an extensive journal assortment. Call (215) 204-8481.

5. Law Library. Temple’s Law Library, which is found in the Charles Klein Law Building (1719 N. Broad St.), contains over 500,000 volumes for reference. Because this particular library specifically serves the Beasley School of Law, certain policies have been put in place to limit access to the collection. Temple faculty, administrators and staff are free to roam the aisles, as are Temple law students, but other undergrads have a tougher time getting in. If you would like to search the law library for a specific assignment, ask your professor for a letter of permission for access. Most teachers will be happy to oblige, and that little piece of paper will get you into one of the largest law libraries in the country. Call (215) 204-7981.

These five libraries are just a few at your fingertips during your stay here at Temple. Though you cannot avoid Paley forever, there are a few instances when one of these collections might be best to find a more specific book you are looking for. For more information on these and other libraries, as well as staff information and directions, visit on the Web.

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